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Douche Froide is an association created officially in 2002 with the release of its first fanzine. Our interests rely mainly on music, literature, graphic arts and cinema. We began by producing fanzines and we continue working on books, all accompanied with a CD, such as Aux Limites du Son (La Volte, 2006), or on CD-objects like the compilation Icy Breath on Burning Flesh (2010). We have worked with many bands, writers and graphic designers for these releases. Since 2003, Douche Froide is a radio show. You can listen to it live on Canal Sud on Mondays every fortnight from 10 pm to 1 o'clock in the morning : http://www.canalsud.net/ (go to the broadcasting section). The shows are made of interviews, musical readings, live sessions, reviews, mixes, news, in a weird, dark, evocative and melancholy atmosphere close to the post-industrial and minimalist experimental music styles. Douche Froide also organizes events, concerts, meetings, festivals. The aim of this blog is to give you access to our archives. Over the years, we have met many important artists and bands. Here, you will have the possibility to listen to all these wonderful moments we had, talking with them and receiving them in our radio show studios.
Important note : We have lost the access to our previous blog http://dfroide.blogspot.com. So here is the only official blog of Douche Froide. Contact : achud.malax@gmail.com
Other important note : This blog is here for archive and information. If you are an artist or label and you do not want to appear in our programmes, please tell us.

DF n°269, February 6th, 2017, special show on DAVID LYNCH

This radio programme was entirely dedicated to the early work of David Lynch, as the theatrical release of the documentary "David Lynch : The Art Life" and the restored version of "Eraserhead" are planned for next week in France.

ANGELO BADALAMENTI, Twin Peaks Theme (alternate version)
PETER IVERS, DAVID LYNCH & ALAN SPLET, In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) (Eraserhead)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI & JULEE CRUISE, Up in Flames (Industrial Symphony)
DAVID LYNCH, Noah's Ark (Crazy Clown Time)
DAVID LYNCH, ALAN SPLET & FATS WALLER, Pete's Boogie (Eraserhead)
DAVID LYNCH, Ghost of Love (Inland Empire)
Excerpts from Eraserhead Soundtrack
DAVID LYNCH & JOHN NEFF, Rollin' down (to my House) (Bluebob)
DAVID LYNCH, so Glad ( Crazy Clown Time)
DAVID LYNCH & JOHN NEFF, 9.1.1. (Bluebob)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, The Black Sea (Industrial Symphony)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, Nightsea Wind (Twin Peaks)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI & JULEE CRUISE, Into the Night (Industrial Symphony)
Excerpt Interview with David Lynch
THIS MORTAL COIL, Song to the Siren (Lost Highway)
ISABELLA ROSSELLINI, Blue Velvet/Blue Star (Blue Velvet)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI & JULEE CRUISE, Pinky's Bubble Egg (Industrial Symphony)
DAVID LYNCH, We rolled together (The Big Dream)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, The Final Battle (Industrial Symphony)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, Nostalgia (The Straight Story)
DAVID LYNCH, The Air is on Fire (excerpt)
Excerpt Interview with David Lynch
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, I'm Hurt Bad (Industrial Symphony)
NORMA LOY, In Heaven (T.Vision)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, Mysterioso 1 (film version) (Twin Peaks)
DAVID LYNCH, Crazy Clown Time
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, End Credits (Industrial Symphony)
DAVID LYNCH, The Air is on Fire (excerpt)
ANGELO BADALAMENTI, Police (Lost Highway)
DAVID BOWIE, I'm Deranged (Lost Highway)
JULEE CRUISE, Mysteries of Love (Blue Velvet)
Lynch on "Pinky's Bubble Egg"
DAVID LYNCH, The Ballad of Hollis Brown (The Big Dream)

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DF n°268, January 23rd, 2017

For this show, we focused on a DVD box that has just been released presenting for the first time in France three very dark and amazing films of Richard Fleischer.

PHARMAKON, Nakedness of Need
CINDYTALK, In Search of New Realities
ANNIE ANXIETY, Burnt Offerings
COLUMN ONE, Meg Vegsalt
LIBEREZ, Unhomely
MONDKOPF, Vivere, Parte I
JOB KARMA, Hydroxizinum City

DF n°267, Interview with LA SEPTIÈME OBSESSION, Mix by KENY2, January 9th, 2017

During this radio programme, we talked with Thomas Aïdan, editor-in-chief, about the latest issue of a very good French magazine specialized in cinema : La Septième Obsession.
Keny2 also sent us a mix of experimental/strange hip-hop tunes. Very weird.

FJERNLYS, The Fervid Flood
:OF THE WAND AND THE MOON:, In a Robe of Fire
ALAN R. SPLET & DAVID LYNCH, excerpt from ERASERHEAD soundtrack
Interview La Septième Obsession
YUVAL RON, Zerox Meditation

Interlude. Interview Richard Feynman. Fun to Imagine
6 SENZ, Faces of Death
Interlude. Interview with photographer Martha Cooper
POLONIUM 84, M. Cooper
YUNG GOTH, I'll just die anyway
Interlude. Evan Parker (The 11th Hour Part 1)

LAURENT PERNICE, Vue axonométrique
DELETED, The World
TWINS, I'm not the Same
HEIMAT, Tot und hoch
MODEL Z, Sports mécaniques
RENALDO & THE LOAF, Carrot Ballet
ERNST REIJSEGER, A una Rosa (Herzog's SALT & FIRE soundtrack)

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